Culture Cubs
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Culture cubs

Culture Cubs is a digital art collection and global community of builders, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

More than art

Your Cub is a PFP with utility in mind.  It grants you access to our eco-system: our holders-only discord,
perks on Pledge Mint, access to future drops.

Hibernate your cub

By hibernating your Cubs you'll earn $CUB tokens which you can use to redeem against a number of benefits.

We’re a community of builders and creators

Some of our Cubs members and alumni
Holder + Cub Team
Marketing Lead at Culture Cubs
Scott Werner
CEO/Founder @Sublayer - Previously CTO and Co-founder of Sayspring - previous Adobe engineering team lead that built Adobe Podcast
Top holder
Cub whale, biggest holder
Amazon #1 bestselling author and full-stack software engineer. Her novel, "Robin: Lady of Legend," won 2nd prize in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award.
Top holder
Building the Shiny Object Social Club - Founder
Top holder
10 years shipping blockchain products, now all-in on web3, currently building
Founding member of HADA NFT, one of the first projects on the XRPL chain and pretty decent DJ
Building DAOstruct. An end-to-end DAO creation, governance, and research platform
Founder + manager of Moodglobalservices and working on and
Product Manager of Customer Loyalty in Fashion Retail

Culture Cubs Venture Labs

Currently building

Our first Venture Studio product which solves the poor minting experience for both supporters and project founders.

Pledge Mint allows high-conviction supporters to pledge funds for their NFTs upfront. Their NFTs get auto-minted and airdropped to them on mint day, hassle-free.

What else is brewing?

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What is Culture cubs?

A collection of 3,333 utility-enabled PFPs which function as an access pass to all Culture Cubs’ benefits and utility. We are fostering a community of creators, builders and brands, with an ethos grounded in co-creation and celebration. 

What is our mission?

Our mission is to empower the next generation of Web3 builders and contributors by providing opportunities to collaborate and co-create with iconic brands entering the Web3 space. Members will have access to exclusive benefits and can earn rewards for getting involved.

What is the long-term vision for Culture Cubs?

Our vision is to create a community of builders who are passionate about driving the development and adoption of new technologies, particularly within the realm of NFTs and the wider world of web 3.0.

We aim to be a hub for innovation, a place where new ideas can be nurtured and brought to life. We believe that by working together and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can accelerate the adoption of these technologies and make them accessible to a wider audience.

Our community is open to anyone who shares our passion for building and creating. We invite all members to join us on this journey and share their own ideas and experiences with our "Cubs" community. 

Together, we can create a vibrant and forward-thinking ecosystem that promotes the growth and development of NFTs and web 3.0 products for the masses.