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We have spent over a decade building and scaling consumer tech businesses. After working as a product lead at unicorn fintechs & Barclays, Mike co-founded Munch Token, a DeFi protocol that donated over $5M to charitable causes. Jack co-founded Urban, Europe’s largest wellness startup that raised over $35M.

During this time, we connected with each other through a childhood friend, and the rest is history. We eventually started investing together, starting with stocks then moving towards crypto. While investing in crypto together, we were overwhelmed and frustrated with the process. We noticed how there was still too much friction onboarding new users onto Web3. Just to buy our first DeFi token, Mike had to go onto youtube to learn how to use Metamask and UniSwap. This barrier to entry prompted a desire to innovate in and educate others of Web3, so NFTs were only a natural next step for us.

We soon realised the power of NFTs - that they are more than just some cool technology and digital art. They provide a medium for amazing relationships to be built and value to be exchanged. The two of us wanted to go beyond a digital avatar and provide real world utility; to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by helping brands enter the space, enable builders to find opportunities and create quality connections, share knowledge, and give access to tangible lifestyle perks and experiences.

We’ll be leveraging a decade's worth of networking and experience building successful businesses to bring together the next generation of web3 builders, contributors and brands.

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